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Ray Munn shop - welcome

Ray Munn shop front

Welcome to Ray Munn Ltd, the UK's leading supplier of specialist decorating materials - favourite port of call for architects, interior designers and many of the popular 'home makeover' programmes that can be seen on virtually every TV channel these days.

Established in 1996, our original mission to market innovative, stylish and unique high quality products continues with an exceptional range of products including, among others:

High Quality Specialist Products 

Novacolor Polished Plaster - A stunning range of products including exterior, metallic, highly polished water resistant, matt textured pitted and many other attractive finishes

Spray Plaster - A clean, environmentally friendly and ready to use alternative to traditional plastering methods; applied by airless pump and dry within approximately three hours, with a strong, durable finish that is ready to be decorated the next day

Protect Guard - The environmentally friendly ProtectGuard family consists of products designed to provide ultimate protection for exterior and interior building materials on facades, floors, roofs, walls and ground surfaces

Skylt Floor Varnish - Safe and easy to apply, this invisible floor varnish leaves surfaces with an untreated appearance free from unpleasant glare, while being extremely durable, hygienic and requiring little maintenance

Porcelain/ Ceramic Tiles - A broad selection of durable, high quality ceramic and porcelain tiles suitable for all interior and exterior decorative and functional purposes; available in a plethora of styles (including mosaic, dado, skirting and more), colours and designs

Fireproof Paints – Including fireproof primer and intumescent paint for structural steel/ steel and fire retardant wood varnish

Quality specialist paints 

eicó paintsfarrow and ball paintsFired earth paintPaint Library paintsSanderson paintsZoffany paints

eicó paints - Manufactured in Iceland for British company eicó, these paints are 100% environmentally friendly and carry the lowest VOC rating in the UK. Available in hundreds of colours and suitable for both interior and exterior use on a broad range of surfaces, eicó paints can also be matched to customer-specific colour requirements.

Alcro-Beckers - Produced in Eco-friendly laboratories, these paints were the first brand in the UK to be awarded the prestigious EU 'Eco-Flower' symbol for environmental safety, and are highly sought after all over Europe. Here too, perfect colour matches can be provided.

We also provide paints from the Paint & Paper LibrarySanderson and other quality manufacturers, including:

For more information, browse our pages or contact our team of expert advisors here.